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Welcome to Memon Association

The Memon Association UK has grown since its formation in the early seventies from a body with modest activities such as the observance of a few religious functions, to an association that now cultivates and promotes an ever-widening involvement in Muslim and community issues on a much wider scale.

The Memon community sees itself as having such a primary identity with shared interests, relations and values over a wide spectrum. Like the universal Muslim community of which it is a part, the Memon community is a community based on faith. Indeed, the word 'Memon' comes from the Arabic 'Mu'min', meaning 'believer' and which was given to our forbears who first converted to Islam.

It is a matter of privilege and honour that the Memon community has been in the forefront whenever there is a call for help whether from relief organisations or from individuals suffering hardship. It is part of its history that they are closely linked with providers of humanitarian assistance. Compassion, generosity, self-help and integrity are on the list of priorities for the Memon Association.

Weekly activities
Day Time Activity
MON 9pm Ladies' Basketball
Azma Gaffar (07515 028231)
TUE 9.15pm Men's Badminton
Shabir Tayub (07958 503336)
WED 9.15pm Men's Volleyball
Sajid Gani (07534 096009)
THURS 9.15pm Men's Cricket
Fahim Gaffar (07738 707061)
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